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British Beauty Council: Limited Edition Beauty Bags from Beauty Banks x Superdrug

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

BRITISH BEAUTY COUNCIL REPORTS: as part of their four-year partnership with the charity Beauty Banks, Superdrug have launched four Cosmetics Bags designed by expert content creators: Sali Hughes (co-founder of Beauty Banks), and make-up artists Sam Chapman and Nic Chapman-Haste, Cher Webb, and Gary Thompson (aka Plastic Boy).

The Cosmetics Bags are on sale now at Superdrug stores and online at while stocks last. Each bag costs £4.99 each with 100% of profits expected to be £50,000+ donated to Beauty Banks. All funds raised will be invested in supporting people in communities across the UK who are living in hygiene poverty. The bags are made entirely from recycled materials, with everything from the fabric to the fastenings made from reclaimed plastic bottles.

Since the pandemic hit, Beauty Banks have experienced a surge in the number of charity organisations and foodbanks requesting their help, with this up 250% in some parts of the U.K., versus the same period in 2019. The ultimate goal of Beauty Banks is to make hygiene poverty history in the UK while supporting people who can’t afford to be clean with supplies of personal care products and hygiene essentials. Together, Superdrug and Beauty Banks are delivering Beauty with Purpose.

“Beauty Banks is my charity. I co-founded and co-run it with my friend Jo Jones, so it couldn’t be closer to my heart. Jo and I have believed passionately from the start that every adult, child and baby in the country has the basic human right to keep clean. How we look, smell and feel matters to our mental health, physical wellbeing, employment prospects, our future opportunities and personal relationships with others. No one should ever have to choose between putting food on the table or soap on their face. Your support of this project will mean someone in Britain won’t have to.” – Beauty Banks Co-Founder, Sali Hughes

All content creators provided their time and designs for free, as did top London brand design agency Design Bridge, Beauty Banks’ creative partner whose team helped bring the ideas to life.

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