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Hello, I want to share with you a simple and easy way to make money in an online casino!

Live game Lightning Roulette is a real money roulette in an online casino with a real croupier and game chat for players to communicate with each other and the host. The maximum coefficient of the game is x500. In the game, the most important thing is to guess the number that the roulette ball will land on, after placing one or more bets on such a number before that. Lightning Roulette is based on the classic French roulette, with the ability to bet both on the numbers themselves (inside bets) and on certain groups of numbers - dozens, columns, even / odd, black / red (outside bets).

The main difference between Lightning Roulette and other roulettes is that after accepting bets, a “lightning” is launched, which determines random numbers from 1 to 5, and coefficients from x50 to x500 are randomly set on these numbers. A great bonus that guarantees a fantastic win!

It is worth remembering that on the Lightning Roulette table you can bet not only on one number. There are more bets available. So bets can cover several numbers and each type of bet has its own payout range.

Bets placed on the numbered cells or on the lines between them are called inside bets, and bets placed on special cells located below and to the side of the main number grid are called outside.

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