Back to School Campaign 

SEPTEMBER 2020:  Among the main inspirations behind Beauty Banks were our school teacher friends who told us they regularly supply hygiene products like deodorant and soap to students whose families can’t afford them. The problems these kids are having accessing items like deodorant and tampons at home is leading to embarrassment, bullying and absenteeism - we were shocked and saddened to learn that girls were rolling up toilet roll to use make-shift sanitary pads and that some were skipping school altogether to escape the shame they experienced.


In September, as schools in the UK re-opened, we launched our new campaign, The Kids Are Not Alright. We want to support as many children as possible living in hygiene poverty and remove the barrier to learning that poor hygiene creates. We commissioned an independent survey amongst hundreds of secondary school teachers in Britain, which revealed that 38% of teachers have offered their pupils hygiene items like toothpaste and deodorant. And as if things weren’t bad enough, a third of teachers anticipate a rise in hygiene poverty due to the coronavirus.


Navigating through school life is hard enough for most kids. For many, the journey is made so much harder thanks to the difficulty of maintaining a level of personal care the rest of us take for granted. 


Helping Hands Campaign

15 MARCH 2020. This campaign existed to support people in the UK who couldn't afford to take extra precautions to help keep themselves and their families safe from what has been labelled ‘the worst public health crisis for a generation’, Covid-19.  People who couldn't afford basic hygiene essentials like hand wash, soap and hand sanitiser that would help protect them from infection - meaning they were at greater risk from the virus. 

We knew that due to the public stockpiling, food

banks’ supplies were dwindling fast. And that those who lived or stay in crowded environments like homeless shelters, refuges and safe-houses were at higher risk.

All financial donations made to the #HELPINGHANDS campaign were spent on essential hygiene items including:

SOAP (adult & baby)





And shared with our charity partners to ensure they got into the hands of whose who needed them most.

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